Wednesday, 19 December 2012

VolcanoBox 1.8.1 Small White Punch to DonkeyMonkey Teams :D

VolcanoBox 1.8.1

White update

Optimize spd Imei Change(USB)
Added spd 6610 Flash MX25U12835F Support
Added Mstar New Exclusive Flash ic Support
Added MTK New Exclusive Flash ic Support

We had revised SPD imei repair. so you guys please test it and let us know the results.

here is how to do

How can i repair Imei of any SPD phones include SPD Android Phones ?

You have do exactly as i describe here

  1. open VolcanoBox
  2. Go to Detect Tab
  3. Select SPD from list
  4. Attach phone
  5. Click on detect button
  6. detect spd Pinout
  7. after detection. click on Clear Pinouts
  8. after set manual pinouts GND & USBD+ & USBD- ( where it's detected before )
  9. click button set pinout.
  10. Go to Spd Tab
  11. untick auto-detect pinout
  12. R/W imei chooses COM
  13. Press these keys from your keyboard to enable Imei repair Function ALT + CTRL + i
  14. Click on Write Imei
  15. click RUN
  16. New windows will be open
  17. choose USB port
  18. disconnect phone from cable & remove the red Clip ( Red Clip from power which is coming from box )
  19. Write imei number in Boxes
  20. Click on write imei
  21. Connect cable and connect the red clip to phone ( Red Clip from power which is coming from box )

Your SPD imei will be repaired !!

You have to make sure you are doing 100% same. incase of failed you have to try again and again and make sure your Drivers are correctly installed !!

MonkeyDonkey Team had released some update on 17-Dec
MonkeyDonkey 1.36 World's First Android with MonkeyDonkey 17 Dec 2012

What Does Title means ?
Is They are Founder of Android ?
Ah i see maybe they are saying 1st time in MonkeyDonkey box Android supported.. sorry we are in last but 1st time we launched Android... LOL

Then They wrote
World's 1st any android unlock..

What it's means ?
is they are 1st in world to unlock any android phone ?
Sorry i don't undertand this.. LOL

Then They Wrote
Truely for china nothing else..
what it's means ?
1st they write World's 1st any android unlock..( which is not understandable ) then they write Truely for china nothing else.. means they only for china Country ? if they write Truely for china mobile nothing else.. then why they write World's 1st any android unlock.... Really Strange

Then They Wrote
World's 1st repair any china mobile android based mobile imei....

What they means ?
are they are 1st in repair of imei in china mobiles ?

Simply The best Cheating with you guys... nothing else...... i can say they have nothing in hand now and they are just changing their software ver and releasing old updates just giving you DOUGH... i got one person from their team member i don't want to tell his name.. he was telling me MonkeyDonkey team doing like this when they have nothing in hand they just rename software ver and release it... maybe in next year they will be finished....

All they Release is already RELEASED by VOLCANOBOX and they just copy us... if any one want Prof i can provide with complete details .....

Download VolcanoBox 1.8.1

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